About Us

Who am I?

Nonhlanhla Nxumalo, Managing Director and CEO of various Companies has over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, and has built Somali Investment from the ground up, becoming one of the few black female’s to penetrate a male dominated industry. Full turnkey fibre installations. Better known as FTTH. Nxumalo was instrumental in networking and approaching the right investors to form partnerships or joint ventures. Nonhlanhla laid the foundations to change investor’s perception of small owned business, it is now seen as a tool for revenue generation, where in the past sole proprietors was underutilised and undervalued.

we are ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, and ISO 45001-2018 accredited. Click on the links below:Accreditation Report
ISO 14001-2015
ISO 45001-2018


A strong reputation for performance and innovation helps us deliver sustainable growth and profit. But we don’t just want to be good for business, we want to be good to do business with. That’s why our values are so important to us, the things we do and the way we approach them are an opportunity to show our pride in our work.


Energy and information help communities develop, that is why it is so important that they’re always available, and that they’re supplied: effectively, efficiently, sustainably. Whoever the client, wherever they are, however harsh the environment that they operate in, we’re committed to keeping them connected. Everyday we have the chance to bring our vision to life in our actions, no matter how big or small. The things we do on a daily basis build up over time and help us deliver on our mission


Our workforce is valued for its knowledge, skills, and expertise. Each of us is unique, but united by our drive to succeed. Working to achieve our goals together


Somali Investment is a 100% Black Female owned Company. Somali Investment was formally registered with the registrar of Companies in 2013 and offers a variety of services in the Fibre and Telecoms Industry.

Somali Investments is an innovative service provider of infrastructure in
Information Systems, Communication Technology Management .The nature of Somali Investments activities places emphasis on reliability, experience, expertise and conformance with customer’s specifications, industry standards and legislative requirements. Somali Investments leadership is committed to establishing an internal environment in which people are fully involved in achieving the organization’s objectives. This is in full recognition that quality and environmental friendliness is best assured at source, rather than through inspection.

With the rollout of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) and fibre-to-the-business (FTTB), Somali Investment began to concentrate on turnkey optical fibre projects (aerial and underground installations) and fibre network maintenance and testing


Your Vision, Our Future.

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About Our Team

Our Leadership Team, embrace the following Qualities:

  • Authenticity, they are true to who they are.
  • Analytical Prowess, they can break down complex problems, identify their root causes, and produce fresh solutions.
  • Adaptability, they can adjust to the ever-shifting demands as the world is changing faster than it used to. Our Team fosters an agile Team Culture they can swiftly respond to different dynamics and embrace new opportunities and challenges.
  • Resilience, they exhibit the resilience to recalibrate if they’re veering off course. They know how to regroup and get input from others by asking the correct questions.
  • Empathy, our Leaders foster relationships, build trust, and actively engage with their team members.


Somali Investment provides a range of services to the fibre industry: National Long Route (NLR) installation, aerial fibre installation, moling, splicing and maintenance.
Our National Long Route projects have allowed us to establish ourselves as key providers to the national fibre grid.
Somali’s highly experienced splicing division focuses on maintenance and core builds, from installation of OLT, ONT, patch panels and the full range of fibre dome joints, through to all testing required by our clients.
Our moling division was formed to cater to the evolving trenching requirements of our clients. The use of the Vermeer 76mm Mole allows us to trench without having to lift existing driveways or other surface obstacles.



From National Long Route installations, moling, splicing to our ever-present concern for the environmental impact of our projects, Somali Investment has a full turnkey optical fibre installation offering. Our extensive knowledge of the process combined our use of the most cutting-edge technologies, both ensure that you get the best results. Since 2017, we’ve installed close to 1500 kilometers of optic fibre line.
Our services include:

  • Planning – Cable location, pilot holes, duct installations, manholes, duct integrity testing (DIT)
  • Civil Work – Compaction and DCP testing, reinstatement of paving, concrete, vegetation, grass and tar
  • Site establishment, earth wire installations, new plinths, container installations, high voltage cable installations, distribution boxes.